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Since Reiki is about vibration, I thought I'd share a *Kirlian photograph of my energy field (called the aura). Move your cursor over the picture to read the general description of each area, followed by what my colors signify.

Diane Armstrong

This other image is my Reiki Lineage which shows the Reiki tradition path from Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, to me. To enlarge, move your cursor over the image.

Diane Armstrong

If you wish to learn more about my life before Reiki, please visit, a site I've hosted since 2001.

I'll still be here when you return with an open invitation to experience Reiki for yourself before deciding whether it, or any of my current offerings, would benefit you right now.




*What is Kirlian Photography?

rofessionally, the common thread woven throughout all I've done has been about helping others feel the peaceful well-being that is always available beneath the details of daily life.